Monday, November 12, 2012

Sculpture for a local show

I created this sculpture for a group show at Dragonfire Gallery last month.  The show was called 'The Space Between The Notes' - the source of all creative energy before it is expressed, the experiences that take us to the space between.....

Following is my explanation of how I chose to work with this idea:

When I was contemplating this exercise, the thought that finally took shape was that of ‘movement’.  'The space between' is often thought of as a ‘being’ space, or one of emptiness.  My experience is that always within that place of ‘being’ is an underlying movement.......a trajectory forward that some might call an ‘evolutionary impulse’ or state of becoming.  It’s always in relationship to where it’s been and where it’s going and is therefore inherently informed by that.  My sculpture is intended to express this movement that I experience as an integral aspect of ‘the space between’.